We believe…

That there are many good brands out there but few that dare not promise eternal youth and magical transformations.


That the chase to achieve marketed beauty standards is a misguided hope and one we won't give you.


That fine lines and wrinkles hold an irreplaceable character. 


That innocence and youth hold an invincible power. 


That scars that don’t fade away eventually become stories. 


That we care about how our products make you feel rather than how they make you look.


That we strive to play a part in preparing you to be your best self everyday. 


That our products are crafted with ample love and attention from only the finest quality raw ingredients sourced from all over the world. 


That a cheap price tag often comes at a great cost to the environment or humanity.


That we exist in a time when the status quo of luxury is being stirred up for good.


That we'll be immature even after everything is said and done.


And that, that’s okay, maybe even desirable.


Krbn Packaging

With guilt-free conscious consumption as focus, we try to use the most viable sustainable packaging for our products. For now, we house them in recycle friendly paper boxes and glass bottles. We recommend you repurpose it as much as possible, specially the glass bottles as containers or adorable desk planters and more such DIYs. You are welcome to share your creative ideas with us on this subject at as we keep trying to improvise on this aspect.