Why you need to use face masks?

We think face masks are the most fun part of a skincare routine. They give quick results, are super easy to use, allow for creativity in formulation and application, and are damn instagrammable, period. :D

All you gotta do is, apply, sit back and relax. Then, just wash off and voila! An instant glow stares right back at you in the mirror. So what's not to love? 

If you didn't know, face masks give faster results than any other type of skincare product and are a great way to complement your essential skincare routine. The genius of the face mask lies in its concept as it creates a barrier on top of the skin. This leads to a deeper and more potent delivery of the nourishing actives to the skin. And that's the reason behind their magical performance.

There are quite a few varieties of face masks available now for anyone to experiment with. What type of mask is it is determined by the function of its key ingredient. Since India is a warm weather country at large, we at Krbn, chose to focus on oil absorbing and purifying (to combat the high pollution) key ingredients such as charcoal and a variety of clays. 

Masks made with mineral rich clay (great for oily skin) and other power ingredients give an instant boost and a noticeable freshness to your face. While this instant glow may settle down after a while, regular use of a suitable mask with powerful actives can bring long lasting improvements to your skin. 

Recommended frequency of use shall depend on the product's formula and on your skin type. In general, most masks can be safely applied two or three times a week unless label instructions state otherwise. 

See you on the happy masking bandwagon if you aren't already ;)