Why I use some of the same products on my hands as my face

Applying anti-ageing night serum oil to hands for skincare

With progressing years, many people are taken by surprise when the divide between the health and appearance of their facial skin and hand skin suddenly widens. As it happens, our hands are one of those body parts that start showing signs of ageing first. Prevention is better than cure fits quite well in this case. 

In my story, over the years, I realised that the common ask between the skin of my face and hands is repair & moisturisation. For the larger part of the year, I find my hands getting quite dry with the skin appearing stretchy and dull. So you might ask, why don't just moisturise more? Well, first of all, hands tend to get washed multiple times a day. The washing contributes to dryness and strips off the moisturiser that might have been applied and to be able to moisturise after every wash, hasn't turned out to be practical. Second, I tend to lose hand creams like pens and erasers so not one is handy when there is a need. And even if there is one, hand creams being slightly heavier make my palms sweat and that's not a great feeling specially in a hot weather country like India. Third, I find that I slip up when I have too many products to use. And what takes the toll then? Definitely not the face, it's poor hands and feet and such sadly. Last but not the least, moisturisation is not the only care that they need.

So I had to admit to myself that my hands were in sub-optimal health and can possibly end up looking aged before their time. When similar concerns arise for my face, I go the extra mile to ensure that it gets ample care in fighting free radical damage, proper exfoliation, and assistance with cell repair and regeneration, then why don't I think of it in the same way when it comes to my hands. They are an important aspect of my physical personality too after-all. This was when I started to try using some of my facial restorative products on my hands (and feet but lets not go into that in this post :P). A few weeks in, I realised what a difference it made. Because the skin felt better, I found I wasn't worrying about them as much. When something isn't calling for your attention, it is often a sign that things are working fine. And then I noticed that they were visibly looking much better than a few weeks before. The skin felt youthful, smooth and there was no unnatural dryness. 

So irrespective of whether you have the standard handcare routine in place or not, extending the use of some of your face care products while you are at it, to your hands, could work like a cheat code. Do take care to avoid products meant for specific concerns like acne or blemishes and such, that are obviously not concerns for your hands. And in the rare case of a reaction, stop usage as there might be specific ingredients with very targeted action in that product, again not suitable to use on hands. Try nourishing and anti-oxidant rich formulations meant for improving and restoring overall skin health, slowly and gently, such as night oils and serums and then observe the results. Another benefit in using night repair products is that it gives the hands ample time to recover w/o interruption of day-time activities that they are otherwise engaged in. I rotate and use my facial oils and creams 2-3 nights a week on my hands. The results have been quite good and I see no reason to not continue with this hack ;)