Why do your beauty woes persist despite your best efforts?

How to fix it

The answer most likely lies in what’s not visible. The condition of your skin and hair is a reflection of the health of your body from within. As human beings we tend to focus myopically on what’s visible despite knowing better. We pin all our hopes on the products that fill our shelves to get us the results we want. The bitter truth is, that is a bit lazy and ignorant on our part to do so.

Imagine for a while, what your life would be like if everything was exactly how you wished. Now think, how far are you from that goal? Let’s talk about how can you bridge this gap such that this goodness becomes the new normal of your life.

What we need to shift perspective about is that more often than not, topical concerns are symptomatic of something gone off-balance within. Hence, trying to fix only the symptoms may not fix the issues from the core and for good.

Beauty is the result of a healthy body and mind aided and enhanced by a good self care regimen. Try these 4 suggestions to begin building the right approach -

  1. Look at the invisible. If you have a persistent skin or hair concern, have a health check up done to assess your immunity and get to know where your vitamin charts and vital body functions stand. To take this lightly can result in much damage that builds up sneakily over the years. Once you have your reports, bring the necessary changes in your food and lifestyle habits, again slowly and patiently. This way you can actually achieve results that will stay, make you happy and satisfied.
  2. Bring educated focus to food and nutrition. Find what works for YOU. It’s important to understand that one rule does not apply to all when it comes to food and supplements. Spend time to find trustworthy information to imbibe. Try out things to see what’s working for you or not but don’t run after fads or seek quick fixes. Sadly, they have proven to be unsustainable and even harmful, time and again. You may even need to unlearn some of the popularised ideas around food, diet and skincare to your surprise. Get back to trusting your gut, your 'second brain' as it's sometimes called ;)
  3. See health and beauty as a lifelong goal. The toughest thing that you might need to do is give up on your time-bound goals to look a certain way and finding patience through this realignment. Figure out routines that you can come to enjoy and look forward to, over something that you’d do forcefully and give up on eventually anyway. Good news is that it’s possible! There is plenty to choose from and it’s ok to take time to find what works uniquely for you amongst what is available to you. It is also ok that it does not match what works for others. To find what centers you is the ultimate win. Nothing will and can benefit you more than that. Maintaining a state of good health should end up becoming a seamless part of your daily life. Congratulate yourself everytime you take a step in this direction and don’t get too guilt ridden either when you miss. Find the balance to be kind to yourself and yet stay propelled.
  4. Involve the mind, unleash your power. What you think and how you think is so important along with the food on your table and the products on your shelf. In fact, they play into each other. Your body affects your brain and your brain affects your body. So it’s only logical to learn about how this driving organ of your body functions. Weed out the weeds, visible and invisible.

In conclusion, I'd say, settle for nothing less but a lifelong wellness for your mind, body and soul. And last but not the least, don’t get too obsessive or impatient, be kind to yourself and come closer to your intuition.

"Remember, despite appearances, everything is alright and you're fine."