The recommended skincare routine for your neck

The 6 steps

Our skin is a breathing, living organ that is bound to change with time. While there is much awareness and innovation to combat facial aging, thanks to the beauty industry's incessant efforts, enough attention is still missing towards other body parts such as neck, hands and feet. This neglect stands-out the most in case of neck if it so happens. The skin loses its natural elasticity to snap back and begins to sag a bit with muscles getting weak and loose. The contrast between how one looks chin-up and chin-down becomes noticeably visible in a single glance. Couple this with the fact that ageing has accelerated over the years with increased environmental pollution and poor lifestyle habits. And so suddenly looking like a different person face down catches many by surprise stepping into the more mature years of life. 

Pre-emptive measures that begin early on are still the best way to avoid this surprise. But it's never too late to try to make things better. Anyone who cares enough to care knows this. 

Make the following 6 keywords integral to your below the jawline skincare routine. 

Cleanse. Exfoliate. Moisturise. No surprises here, right? Just do it regularly if you aren't already. 

Exercise. A good exercise routine with proper nutrition to maintain healthy and taut muscles is paramount to support this goal. Targeted face and neck exercises in combination with full body workouts are ideal.

Massage. A good face and neck massage can stimulate the muscles, bringing more blood flow and oxygen to cells, thus boosting immunity and supporting them to stay in their best health. A natural glow follows the procedure and with regular frequency, visible and lasting results build up slowly. 

Protect. Most of the restorative, repair and hydrating products such as oils and serums for face can and should be used on neck and décolletage (or chest) because the skin in these parts ages in a similar fashion to face. And don't forget the sunscreen if you'd be outside for long with UV Index (can be easily found on the weather app on your phone) above 3.