Do this to get the most benefit out of face masks

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Just 7 simple ideas that can be useful to anyone who is into face masks or is exploring to try them - 

#1. Don't leave the mask sitting on your bathroom shelf. Not only will you miss out on using the product at its best, its texture may end up changing as well over time. There can't be enough emphasis on the fact to not purchase performance oriented skincare products without making a mental commitment to using them as regularly as required. The zeal often settles down post the purchase or gets lost amidst too many products crowding out each other.  

#2. Read the label instructions before using a new product for the first time even if it seems obvious. You may find some new tips or stumble on some imp safety info. 

#3. Cleanse before application. Apply a single even layer to clean, patted dry skin with clean hands. Using too thick or thin a layer is not advised. Too thin and you won't get the benefits and too thick could delay the setting time or be a waste of the product. You can also extend the application to your neck and décolletage if your skin is not too sensitive there.

#4. Try variations. Use more than one mask in combination if your facial skin is more oily or dry in one zone compared to another. Once you start with a product, stay with it for at-least a month to see how good or otherwise your skin feels about it. 

#5. Moisturize after washing off. Specially if it's a clay or mud based masks as they tend to be more oil and moisture absorbing.

#6. Apply for only the duration recommended. Masking gets a variety of beneficial key actives working on your skin in a concentrated manner. So you don't want to under do it or over do it. It's wiser to stick to instructions for best results. 

#7. Expect results to stay only with regular use. Face masks will give you quick results but any significant improvement or fix will not come with a single use. For that you have to make it a part of your skincare routine once you have found the right product that works for you.