How to maximize resullts from your skincare investments

The 5 point checklist | Takeaway

premium skincare how to use for best results

For even the best of products to deliver on their promise, the key lies with YOU. How you go about your personal care routine, the choices you make, the habits you follow, the knowledge you have, all this plays into a potential product's ability to give you its best. A common pattern many of us exhibit is doing too much when trouble strikes and too little when it's sailing smooth. The sweet spot is in striking and maintaining a good balance and avoid tipping to the trouble side. It's very much possible, with informed effort and some patience. As far as discipline goes, once you begin to see the results, it takes care of itself but the initial effort to build the habit is non-negotiable. Let us now dive into the 5 critical points that can streamline your beauty routine for maximum positive impact  - 

1. Whatever set of products you have decided to use, stick with them for a while before making changes. Let them build compatibility with your skin and show you what best can they do for you before trying out the next thing too soon. Many people find switching to natural products lacking in experience at first, compared to what they were using before because not enough time for readjustment is given.

2. Try not to use too many products at the same time to better assess what works for you and what doesn't. Don't create a crowd unless its products like perfumes that don't go out of date too soon, in case you like having a collection. 

3. Use the products at the frequency and in the format advised. Try to not push them into an invisible corner or rush through their use to get fast results. 

4. Writing them off if they don't give you transformative results after first use could be a missed opportunity. Truly good and lasting results need time to take place and more so when gentle actives and botanical ingredients are at play. This is the safe and better way to go to avoid any unwanted surprises later. 

5. Leaving products unused for long periods after opening reduces their prime performance capability. So use them regularly after opening, when they are fresh and at their best.

Take a moment to think back on the products you have discarded until now that you must have bought with lots of enthusiasm or hope at some point. So what happened? Did they really not work or they just weren't used as meant to be? I only mean to empathise as many of us have been there and its hard to make this foolproof even if you are careful. Sometimes, products really don't work as expected or we honestly don't get the time that we thought we would or it could be any other reason. Whatever it may be, remember that, the good kind of change begins with being mindful and if that's your approach, congrats! Things are already falling in place for you. I hope that before going for your next buy, you'll pre-empt some of the things mentioned above and get the most value for your money and effort :)

At this point, I am reminded of an old and wise quote that goes as:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”