Are you someone who does not use a facial oil?

At present, there is no beauty product more indulgent and luxe than a facial oil. Crafted from the richest skin-benefitting botanicals, nothing feels more conditioning and reformative than these exotic oils. Good quality facial oils are non-greasy, lightweight (in comparison to body oils) and absorb fast. They are suitable for most skin types, including oily and combination skin types. Making them a part of your beauty routine with discipline can be one of the most caring things you can do for your skin. Immediate results can show up as that noticeably luminous glow while long term use will maintain and keep your skin truly healthy, plump and soft.

To adopt facial oils, the first thing to understand is that oil production is a natural and essential skin function and so is not a bad thing. Due to lack of awareness, folks with oily skin are often in an overdrive to get rid of all the oil, which only triggers the skin to produce more of it and possibly keeps a host of other issues constantly afloat. They make the mistaken assumption that they must use only oil-free skincare products and any thought of applying oil to their already oily enough skin is not even allowed near imagination. Now, this is understandable because excess oil production does feel quite uncomfortable, specially in a hot climate country like ours and oily skin may very well be on the toplist of skincare irks for Indians. But interestingly, the same crowd may not be devoid of any dry skin issues either and so managing a combination skin in some way is what's happening most likely.

What does that sound like to you? To me, it is an ask for a restoration of balance. Skin issues play into each other and true solutions lie in holistic improvement over fixing isolated concerns. Facial oils do this beautifully and that’s why they’re emerging as the new beauty staple for those discovering their lasting benefits and transformational results. And contrary to assumption, they’re also proving that oils can in-fact be very helpful in balancing an oily complexion.

Facial oils can assist the skin through the many phases it goes through post puberty. Suitable blends maintain, correct and supplement the changing requirements of skin as it crosses the years.

Potential benefits of a good facial oil include -

  • Essential support, protection and maintenance to skin’s depleting natural functionality that sets in slowly over time. 
  • Non-greasy, lightweight hydration
  • Bringing into balance the natural oil production of skin
  • A corrective effect on skin-tone and texture
  • A powerhouse of skin-nourishing goodness being rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and other good stuff skin may need such as fatty acids and essential fatty acids
  • Bringing the most natural beauty glow to skin

Facial oils are fairly new to India and still seen as a niche product. Their fanbase is small but growing with more and more informed users nudging towards them for the greater good of their skin’s health. The key lies in selecting the right product and equally important, a quality product. So if you are going to invest, make sure it's a brand you can trust. And last but not the least, remember to use a facial oil as the final step in your face care routine as they can inhibit absorption of anything applied after given the nature of its texture and chemistry.